Launch 2013
January 2013
Studio B, John & Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center

"Last Call" by Hal Corley, directed by Kristen Dewey.

A distraught woman springs her son from a rehab facility right before a major event that could change history.

Dylan -- Rob DelMedico
Erica -- Kendra Musselle

"Battle Tactics" by Andy Haynes, directed by David Strauss.

A group of inept adventurers must figure out their next battle plan.

Aldwynn the Cunning -- Caitlin Burdey
Taelor the Pantsless -- Rob DelMedico
Pragus the Illuminator -- Amy Pastoor
Sandane the Leader -- Sam Waters

"The Gatekeepers" by Daniel Kaplan, directed by Elizabeth Leonhard.

Two workers at a fast food drive-thru ponder what led them to their current economically depressed fate.

Victoria -- Melissa Landy
Edward -- Joel Perez

"Prosperity" by Rod McFadden, directed by Avis-Marie Barnes.

Two homeless men see the stakes raised when one of them comes across an unexpected surprise.

Michaels -- Mark Davids
Johnson -- David Goldstone

"Every Inch Counts" by Irene L. Pynn, directed by Laura Dewey.

A sexual thrill seeker gets more than she bargained for when she takes home a guy she met at a Sci-Fi Convention.

Jackie -- Caitlin Burdey
Jeffrey -- Christian Read

"93 Days" by David Strauss, directed by Jennifer Rea.

Two brothers discover the nature of hope in a world nearing its cataclysmic end.

Wyatt -- Samuel Butcher
Matt -- Joel Perez

"The Book of Love" by Michael Weems, directed by Carol Palumbo.

A married couple struggle to deal with their failures in trying to conceive a child.

Tara -- Jennifer Rea
Will -- Christian Read