2017 Native Voices - The John Goring Memorial Festival

Playwrights' Round Table is quite pleased and excited to announce the casts of our 2017 production of NATIVE VOICES. This year, we will be featuring plays from local playwrights spanning the entire 20 year history of PRT.
"People Like You" by Jack McGrath, directed by Lauren Morris 

The Insurance Agent from Hell pays a visit to a very anxious man.

Jess Klein - Jori Allen 
Ms. Jones - Susanne Potrock

"Silly Mary Chop Chop" by John Goring, directed by Amber Valois

Two hairdressers prepare the unlucky but proud Marie Antoinette for her final public appearance.

Remy - Alan Pagan-Pearl
Giscard - John Aquino 
Marie - Chloe Brewer

"The 7-Second Itch" by Stephen J. Miller, directed by Sally Daykin

Two people with severe ADD meet for a date...if they can just remember it.

Cate - Lizzy Parsons 
Burt - Ian Gray

"The House Across the Street" by Larry Stallings, directed by Jade Roberts

Detective work meets a comedy of errors as two German detectives struggle to communicate with the two French women they encounter during a stakeout.

Isabel - Michelle Prenez 
Victor - Anthony Marando
Celeste - Shelby Nicole Reynolds
Ernst - Celestino DeCicco

"A Moment in Blue" by Caitlin McGrath, directed by Jac Ledoux

A young woman and a museum security guard are affected in different ways by a famous painting. 

Alden - David Strauss
Darla - Carolyn Ducker

"The Monkey Suit" by Chuck Dent, directed by David Strauss

What do you do when the love of your life walks back in at exactly the wrong moment?

Tommy - Anthony Marando
Marie - Cameron Gagne
Mary - Shelby Nicole Reynolds

"Finding Love in Ten Minutes or Less" by Katie Thayer, directed by Natasha Rentas

Boy meets girl in a farce that explores the truly unique and awful world of speed dating.

Girl - Chloe Brewer
Boy - AJ Gregorins

"Doctors and Lawyers: 1st Edition Rules" by David Strauss, directed by Chuck Dent

A rugged group of wizards, thieves, and warriors meet up to play their favorite role-playing game. Who will win?

Xandor - Celestino DeCicco 
Araldan - Sebastian Rivera 
Mirien - Lexie Hoag
Cady - Alicia Michelle

Native Voices will be presented in the Santos Dantin Studio Theater at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center November 11, 12, 18 and 19, 2016 at 8pm, with Sunday matinee performances on the 13th and 20th. Tickets are $18 and $15.