PRT's Premiere Series 2017
[miss]: An Uncompromising Woman, by W.L. Newkirk.
April 21-30, 2017

William Newkirk's [Miss] has been selected as one of just just six finalists in the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival.

The initial performance of the show will take place Saturday, September 2nd, at 7:30 PM, at StageWorks in Tampa (1120 East Kennedy Boulevard). If the play is selected as a Best Of the Fest, we'll do it again the following weekend at Hillsborough Community College!


Based on true events, the Getchell Award-winning play, [Miss], tells the explosive story of Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey’s epic battle with the William S. Merrell Company over the introduction of a new "completely safe" sleeping pill in 1961. New to the FDA, Dr. Kelsey, only admitted to graduate school because she was thought to be a man, is tasked with approving the drug. Concerned about the drug’s potential effect on pregnant women, she refuses, setting up an epic battle with Merrell which would save over 20,000 babies from crippling deformities. Starring Nikki Darden Creston as Dr. Frances Kelsey, with Jeff Hole, Russell R. Trahan, Hayes Schardt, Deena Flowers, Tim Wiley, Jim Cundiff, and Katherine Riley. Written by W.L. Newkirk. Directed by Chuck Dent.