PRT's Premiere Series 2017
[miss]: An Uncompromising Woman, by William Newkirk.
April 21-30, 2017


PRT is VERY pleased to announce the cast of [miss]: An Uncompromising Woman:

Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey -- Nikki Darden Creston
Gertrude Helfer - Alma J Hill
Dr. Murray -- Russell R. Trahan
Dr. Pogge -- Jeff Hole
Betty Yoder -- Hayes Schardt
John Yoder -- Tim Wiley
Mary - Deena Flowers
Young Kelsey -- Katherine Riley
Dr. Stehle/Dr. Nulsen -- Jim Cundiff
Congratulations to all!

[miss]: An Uncompromising Woman is based on the true story of Dr, Kelsey, who in the early 1960s stood up to Big Pharma in order to prevent a medical catastrophe. This drama examines Kelsey's fight with the Merrell Company against the lens of a typical American family which has to deal with the real-world effects of medical policy.

[miss] is directed by Chuck Dent with assistant direction by April Tubbs and technical design and direction by Aaron Babcock.

The play will premiere April 21st at the Orlando Shakespeare's Santos Dantin Studio Theater.