Launch 2018 Plays Selected

"Beatrix Potter Must Die!" by Patrick Gabridge
Directed by Amber L Valois
Sam the Farmer has had it up to here with all those cute little bunnies -- and wants REVENGE.
Beatrix - Carolyn Ducker
Sam - Russell R. Trahan

"Every 7 Minutes" by Ken Preuss
Directed by MJ Lewis
Who controls the world? Who makes those crazy statistical things happen every 7 minutes? Find out in this comedy!
Worker - Laura Swindoll
Newbie - Carol Jacqueline Palumbo

"Meet the Pets" by Tracey Jane Smith
Directed by David Strauss
Two pets check out the new girl Will brings home.
Alex - Breanna Smith 
Will - Justin Enrique Ortiz
Daisy - Jossette McCausland
Mr. Cuddles - Thomas Rivera

"Slammed" by Jim Kitchens
Directed by Tasha Rentas
How's this for a career change: newly retired middle-aged man to wrestling superstar?  But will the wife approve?
Richard - Patrick James
Nancy - Susanne Potrock
Donnie - John Henry

"The Sounds of Soul" by David A Nice
Directed by Jim Cundiff
A bittersweet reunion by two of the members of the Sounds of Soul leads to some uncomfortable truths.
Rick - Dev Michael
Marcus - Valensky Sylvain

"Two Steps Back" by David Strauss
Directed by Jac LeDoux
An unexpected meeting rekindles old flames.
Elizabeth - Kate Murray
Wesley - Mark Richman

"What We Want in the Dark" by Irene L. Pynn 
Directed by Robert Cunha
We're not saying it's aliens,'s aliens.
Woman/Man - Daniel Molina
Alien Male - Thomas Rivera
Alien Female - Lexie Hoag

"Wounded Warrior" by Jeffrey Strausser 
Directed by Jason Skinner
Ann and Phil are confronted by a very angry young woman from Phil's past.
Phil Smith - Bradley Hubbell
Ann Smith - Lindsey June 
Jessica Long - Sarah Elizabeth Yarborough