Summer Shorts 2018

We Want Submit to the National .99 Cent Summer Shorts Script Call!

It's that time again folks!

Playwrights' Round Table is proud to announce a NEW script call for its annual Summer Shorts 10-minute play program, as part of the new National .99 Cent Play Call!

How does it work? Glad you asked! Read below for submission guidelines and details.

  1. We seek a total of 8 previously unproduced 10-minute plays for submission. Plays which have previously been workshopped or received staged readings are okay; full productions are not.
  2. Playwrights should submit no more than two (2) plays for consideration.There is no theme, and we accept all kinds of submissions, but please, nothing with nudity. We are particularly open to plays by women and people of color.
  3. With the exception of PAID members of Playwrights' Round Table, each submission must be accompanied by a payment of -- you guessed it -- 99 cents. This payment must be made BEFORE we will accept your play for consideration, and does not constitute a guarantee of production. Please make all payments via PayPal; please go to our website at and click on the DONATE tab to be taken to the PayPal link. From there, you may pay your entry fee. PLEASE NOTE: The fees generated for this script call will be used to fund the stipends for the selected playwrights.
  4. All plays should be no longer than 10 pages/minutes in length; there should be no more than 4 characters; and sets must be kept simple -- the plays will be presented in a small black box. Plays will be judged in part with this criteria. (In other words, don't put a helicopter on stage.)
  5. The play submission period runs from April 3 through midnight, May 4th. Please send your play in PDF or Word form to
  6. Playwrights will be notified of selection by May 21st. Once notified, you must become a member of PRT to be produced. Baseline membership is FREE (although if you would like to join as a paid member, visit the Membership tab on our website to see all the benefits you would receive!)
  7. The play production will take place in Orlando in July. Selected playwrights will receive a stipend of $25.
We look forward to seeing your plays! Good luck!