PRT's Premiere Series 2019

April 2019

Playwrights' Round Table's world premiere production of GEIST by David Strauss is coming soon.

GEIST tells the true, little-known story of Raymond Geist, an American Deputy Consul in the US Embassy during the rise of Nazi Germany. As Germany descends into madness, Geist struggles between his duty to uphold the law and his desire to get as many Jews out of the country as he can before the very worst happens.

The play will be directed by Hilary Cooperman, assistant directed by Rochelle Currbow Wheeler, and will be performed in the Santos Dantin Studio Theatre at the Orlando Shakespeare Center from April 12th to 20th.

  • Mark J. Richman as Deputy Consul Raymond Geist
  • Chuck Dent as Consul George Messersmith
  • Gary Norris as Ambassador William Dodd
  • Brianna Barrett as Martha Dodd
  • Sara Jones as Bella Fromm
  • James Blaisdell as Inspector Rudolf Diels

    Brooke Dennis
    Anthony Marando
    Jeremy Morris
    Katherine Riley
    Ward James